Health and medical writing is my niche.

I've worked with universities, hospitals, physicians, nurses & researchers to translate their research into layman's terms. As a result, I have extensive experience writing health content in an easy-to-understand format.  Below is a sampling of some of my more recent health & science writing.

global healing center

Six Easy & Natural Ways to Quit Smoking

9 Natural Ways to Ease Pregnancy Fatigue

PQQ Benefits

Benefits of Lithium: A Vital Nutrient for the Brain & Body

Lithium Orotate Benefits for Your Brain & Beyond

Hormonal Imbalance in Women

CoQ10 Benefits: A Powerful Energizing Antioxidant

Burdock Root: How Can You Use This Powerful Plant?

Ten Resveratrol Benefits for the Heart, Mind & Fountain of Youth

nootropics review nerd

PQQ: Benefits & Side Effects

Oxiracetam - An Overview of This Nootropic

the vitamin shoppe

I wrote web copy for a number of their pages - links to come soon.

azura vascular care

I wrote several blog posts for this leading vascular care organization.

Anthros Medical PVC

Anthros PVC is a medical supplies company. I wrote all of the web content for their website. 


I wrote Medicare Supplement Insurance reviews for a number of organizations, including Humana, Blue Cross Blue Shield, United American, Cigna, Anthem, Aetna, Manhattan Life & Continental Life.