My clients say I'm more than just a copywriter and marketing strategist. And I don’t think they’re referring to my "impressive" dance moves or finesse in the kitchen.

They are referring to the fact that I deliver value beyond what’s needed to put words on the page for any given project. I don't just write for you - I give you the strategies and tools you need to keep the momentum going once I've done my job, because it’s who I am and what I think you deserve. 

Some of the people I work with include: 

  • Entrepreneurs and practitioners who help people thrive and want to grow their businesses. 
  • Businesses that are committed to making a positive social impact.
  • Small businesses that want to enahnce their social media presence and attract engaged followers
  • Non-profits that advocate for health or social-justice related causes.
  • Government departments that promote healthy people, bright & bustling communities. 
  • Universities that aim for diversifying their student body and attracting international students. 


Still not sure?  

I often hear from business owners who are on the fence about hiring a copywriter because they aren't sure I can capture their writing style, values and interests.

I want you to know - I've got this. I never start writing or editing your content without knowing exactly what you want and what your customers are interested in.  

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I want to know about you, your business and your audience. Armed with that information, I'll help you tell your story and sell your product to your target audience. 

And I won't just write your content - I'll take the time to give you the strategies and resources that you need to really, truly thrive at reaching your ideal customer.

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